Infinite Xtensions and Services LLP

B4 - Vishal Hermes, Lane No.7, Koregaon Park, Pune

Contact: +91-7778889994 / +91-9975708557

Email[email protected]

Terms & Conditions

1. All clients need to ensure that they will keep their valuables in the vaults/ cub boards. All the small jewellery should be kept inside the lockers since they may go in scrap or garbage due to vacuuming. Management does not take any responsibility of such complaints or missing items.

2. Clients also need to ensure that they have done the security check of all the people who have come for cleaning, no complaints will be entertained.

3. Once the client have booked the service with us, by default the above rules are applicable and it is understood that the client have read and agreed the terms and conditions and accordingly booked the service.